From 1999: Billy lets Barbie in on a little secret about violence...

What do you want?!? It's TRUE! ;)
Really, we should file this under "Reasons Why We Can't Have Nice Things."

While I don't believe in the idea that there will always be "men who want to watch the world burn", I do believe there will always be people who choose to not get along.  The idea, however, is to still try our best to persuade them that they will benefit from not blowing stuff up, rather than blowing stuff up.

Personally, I think that if we could break it to folks that there is no afterlife, no 72 virgins or eternal soul, we might begin to see a decline in people willing to die and kill for causes.  If people realized that eternal life comes to the memories we leave behind, not us, people might decide they'd rather not be remembered as murderers or violent idiots that believed in a god that was not there.

Just my ¥2, as always...

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