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After drawing the strip referencing the non-NC-17ness of EYES WIDE SHUT, I realized that I'd been drawing
my characters naked all this time.  Then I decided to exploit that fact.  This is a theme I'd revisit more than a few times over the years.  Nudity is such a funny thing.  We think nothing of depicting violence but the human body, something every single person alive has, is shamed into hiding.  As a people, we give ourselves no trust to have any self control whatsoever.  It's sad.  I think if we swapped our reverence of guns and violence with a reverence for the human body and sex and love our world would be an infinitely better place.

I used to work with a woman who reacted to every show of any male's affection toward any woman by saying "that's disgusting."  Her attitude still baffles me.  As does the Japanese culture's way of writing every young male lead in an anime or drama to be literally terrified of sex and every female embarrassed and/or disgusted with anything remotely resembling sex.  No wonder their birthrate is so low.  Relax folks!  We'll all get to see another naked human and have sex with one at SOME point in our lives (hopefully) but it's MUCH more likely that the vast majority of us will never EVER kill someone.  So, which is more realistic to portray? A healthy sexual relationship? Or a kickass guy with a gun saving humanity?

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