Wow. #BillyBallpoint needs some ax-free therapy.

Yep, this used to be my problem. I spent a LOT of time hating things and people and things that people did and
things people didn't do--like the right thing.  I still hate when people don't do the right thing, but age has taught me that creating a truly equal and just society just ain't gonna happen in my lifetime.  So, when I feel myself starting to hate, I take a deep breath and try to accept that I quite literally can't win them all.  It's a depressing thing to accept but you either do that or let the guilt and frustration eat you alive.

That thing they tell kids to try to make them think that "it gets better"?  Yeah, it really doesn't.  It just gets easier to accept because you come to terms with the fact that there is a tremendous amount of injustice in the world.  A heartbreaking amount.  But a life full of hate, even in the name of a good cause, is a terrible life to lead.  There is so much joy possible.  But if you sit around trying to think of people to throw axes at (like Billy), the best in life will pass you buy.

Don't hate.

Well, hate sometimes.

Just not all the time.

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