Billy and Barbie come to a grim conclusion about the race for #POTUS2016...

It's true folks! We're basically doomed to the status quo, at best.  Which, you know, kinda sucks, frankly. We're
limping along with "as best as we can do right now" instead of getting leaders who are more interested in getting things markedly better for everyone.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Obamacare's great, but it's still a joke compared to the rest of the developed world's health care.  We keep calling ourselves the greatest country on Earth, but we keep compromising away every chance we have at actually being that best country on Earth.  Stop voting for status quo and douchebags! Vote for someone who is going to be bold and a good American at the same time!

Yes, I'm saying vote for Bernie Sanders.  Yes.  Trump is a douchebag and Hillary is far too "establishment" to actually move us forward as a country.  She's going to be just another white man in office--like Obama has been.

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