This week's #BallpointAdventures is all about #HillaryClinton

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This is the real hypocrisy of Election 2016: there is finally a woman who plays the bullshit politics game as well as men and everybody shits on her.  Welcome to Obama's World, Hillary!!

And then all this BS about the "new" Anthony Weiner sexting scandal is such a waste of time.  I was tempted to push this week's strip back a week and draw a strip that commented on the latest chapter in the Weinergate Saga but then I realized this whole election has been largely about pointless arguments.  Be sure to listen to this week's #thepete #podcast because it's going to be about #Weinergate part 8000 and how the election has been dominated by pointless arguments for/against candidates when we really have more important and more relevant things to argue about.

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