Billy and Barbie are excited the primaries are over. Or not.

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I KNOW, I know, I should be excited there is a woman I get to vote for in November, and I am, but that still...

...doesn't change the fact that neither Donald nor Hillary are the leaders America really needs.  I don't believe that America is the best country on Earth.  I also don't believe there is a "best country on Earth."  But I do feel like other countries deliver more stability to its citizens than America does.

Health care, government services, infrastructure,  a lack of external entanglements, and other things are all qualities that make those countries feel a little less like a roller coaster ride.  I mean, there is so much fear and pressure in America today. The United States comes in 13th in the World Happiness Report.  Most of the top ten are northern European countries that all provide those qualities I mentioned.  So, we could do a lot better.  Hillary, at least, has tried to do universal health care.  Hopefully, she will try again and make Obamacare better.  However, her foreign policy is very war-mongery and she's not indicated any change on the Israelestine/Palestisrael situation and she seems OK with Obama's Drone War which sure seems like a violation of International Law AND the US Constitution.  She was also for the TPP before she was against it and there are rumors that she'll be for it again once she's in office.

That said, she's still better than Trump.  Of course, an actual third choice would be nice.  Or even a fourth choice, would be great, too.  I like Jill Stein of the Green Party, but she won't even come close to winning and I think a President Donald (or as he will be known "King Donald') would be really bad for the country.  Just the worst.  I mean, look at his bankruptcies, his failed business dealings, and his asinine behavior.  Anyway, you get my point.



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