Back in 1999, Barbie Ballpoint was worried about mass shootings, too! Billy has a solution!

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Well, this is a depressing coincidence in light of what happened last week and my brand new strip from Monday...
This is definitely getting to be worrisome.  I'm not talking about mass shootings getting worse, but that we Americans really aren't good at recognizing danger.  This comic is over fifteen years-old!  And it's more topical now than it was back then!

Likewise, we knew about Global Warming back in the 90s and that was something else we did zip about.

Health issues, infrastructure and corruption of politics are also things we've been ignoring for a while.

Will we ever learn to act on evidence when we see it?  Doesn't seem like it.  We'd rather act on suspicions or fear--you know, things we can't  see.

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