From 2006: Sometimes the right thing seems like the wrong thing and vice versa.

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It's the question Edward Snowden asked himself: Do I do what's right (principles), or do what is wrong (prison term).  Then, there's also the aspect of the bar being set pretty low to get the accusation of treason these days.  I mean, even on the liberal side of things, you could get some criticism pretty close to a treason accusation from some Hillary supporters if you threaten to vote Trump.

I'm honestly nervous about even posting this strip because of how unstable our right to free speech has become.  So, to be clear: I am not endorsing treason or treasonous acts in this strip or anywhere else.  Yes, Billy is suppressing the urge to do something treasonous, but he IS resisting (and he IS fictional).  But the urge is there because that's how messed up things were in 2006 when I drew this comic.  It could be argued that things are even worse now but, even then, I am not endorsing any course of action, I'm just a cartoonist hoping that America is still a place where free discussion can occur.


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