From 8/18/2004: Remember the Spoiler Candidate?

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They history repeats!  As we stare down the barrel of a Clinton Vs Trump race, what about the 3rd parties?  What if...

...a really strong 3rd party candidate came along?  If Nader were to run this time around, I'd be seriously tempted.  Actually, I've heard about Jill Stein a bit and rather like her take on things.  Hey, dare yourself and tempt fate by checking out her website:

Hey, if nobody takes a chance on a 3rd party candidate we will never have more than 2 choices.  And, in a country that gives us 18 varieties of toothpaste, more than 12 different flavors of potato chips, and 18 screens at the local multiplex, don't you think We, The People, deserve more than 2 choices when we vote for president?

I do.

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