Barbie has a message for everyone about the potential #PresidentTrump

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It has really bugged me that so many people on TV and IRL (in real life) have so quickly accepted Trump as...

...President.  I remember the 2000 election, when the election results were up in the air for MONTHS.  It was crazy.  Then when the SCOTUS finally "decided" who would get to go to the White House, many of us accepted the outcome without realizing that, according to the rules, it's up to Congress to decide who wins the presidency when the general election ends up being to close to call (I won't even go into all the irregularities with the 2000 election).

When I saw the news that Bush was heading to the White House, I remember thinking to myself "Should we be protesting in the streets about this?  I mean, what if he didn't actually win?"

Obviously, the answer was YES and NO, he probably didn't.  And so I feel frustrated by Hillary Clinton conceding so quickly and Obama meeting with Trump so soon--it's like they were being dicks--"All right, if THIS is who you want America!?!  Now, EAT IT."

Even though, the popular vote said Trump is NOT who most Americans wanted.

Back in 2000, I also remember there being people who wanted proper recounts being pooped on by certain people in and out of the media.  So, it's really depressing and disturbing to see all of this happening again.

Please take the comic above to heart!  Look what happened the last time we let the guy who DIDN'T win the popular vote get into office!  Please speak up against anyone who wants to badmouth a recount.  If anyone thinks getting the numbers as right as we can isn't a big deal, they should ask the American military men and women who died in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan what they think about the wrong guy getting into office.  Or maybe ask the MANY more who died in our wars.  Of course, you can't ask them.

I mean, shouldn't we be sure?

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