Billy introduces us to #Trump's Latest... #Nightmerica

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When I woke up, the morning of November 9th, the first thing I did was check my smart watch to see a breaking news notification pop-up and inform me that "President Obama has called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory."

My stomach dropped and I immediate felt like I'd woken into a nightmare.  Hence, my portmanteaux (mashup) resulting in the word "Nightmarica".  At some point after that I realized that this would be a nightmare we'd not be waking from for a while.

The good news is that there is this petition you can sign that calls for the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton since she did win the popular vote and Trump is anything but qualified to hold the office of the president.  This is ironic since the original idea behind the Electoral College was to prevent "the tyranny of the masses" (or something similar) from electing someone unqualified to hold the office of the president.  So this petition is simply a call to the EC to honor their original reason for existing.

Here's a link to that petition:

It's currently just past 4 million votes.  Please go sign it.  Hopefully, the Trump Regime won't use it when they start to round up dissenters.  >_<

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