Barbie realizes #HillaryClinton isn't the 1st to win but still lose...

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If you agree with this comic, please sign this petition ASAP:

Then, tell your friends, co-workers, family, pets, strangers on the street, tell everyone to sign this thing, too.  We can pressure the electoral college into doing the right thing.  For an explanation of why, keep reading.

This is kinda serious, folks.  This is clearly a case of the popular vote being the smart folks who know what's best.  The last time it happened, Bush got us in a LOT of trouble (and it was obvious from the beginning that he would likely get us in that trouble).  The popular vote represented the right direction to go in.  Gore was not about to invade two countries and tank the economy.  He was going to continue the Clinton years which were some of America's most prosperous.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton would likely carry over many of Obama's policies and help keep the last 8 years of recovery on track.  And like with Bush, it's obvious that Trump will get us into more trouble.  And once again, clearly, the popular vote represents the best choice for America.

So, please sign that petition so we can stop this from happening again.  Sure, America can take it, but who knows how many people will die this time?  When Bush lost the popular vote but got into office anyway, he waged two wars that saw hundreds of thousands of people die.

In a sense, it's like we've traveled back in time with the knowledge of what will happen if the popular vote is ignored and a person who is clearly not fit to hold the office of the president is allowed to do so.  Don't take this sitting down.  We can change things this time.

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