BALLPOINT ADVENTURES for 7/20/15: Barbie Wants to Kiss Obama!

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Yeah, I've got a lot to say about this one...
I saw someone online praise Obama for essentially saying Bill Cosby is a serial racist.  It stunned me that this woman would be so gushy about Obama, a former Constitutional law professor, calling it like it actually is.  Obama also happens to be the leader of the free world.  If we can't rely on him to call out a crime for being a crime, we're kind of screwed, I would think.

The sad thing is, there are lots of crimes he hasn't called out as crimes and that's pretty disturbing, too.  But just to see so many people--especially women--praise a man (any man) for saying "yep, when someone drugs a lady and then has intercourse with her, it's rape" is disgusting.  This is not a statement that should need to be made.  OF COURSE, IT'S RAPE.  The ONLY reason we need this clarified is because our society is so sexist.  It's horrible that women are oppressed so much that they are celebrating when one of the worst crimes that can be committed on their person is acknowledged as a crime.  This is how low the bar is.

"Hey, that thing that was done to you?  That thing that was really terrible?  And represents some of the worst of humanity?  Yeah, that's a crime!  That should not have happened to you!"


Like anyone who has been raped needs someone to tell them that.

I am seriously worried for our society when I see this sort of thing.  Our baseline in America is supposed to be freedom on a level much higher than this and much more secure.

I won't even go into how there really should not be a statute of limitations on rape and how Bill Cosby really needs to be prosecuted for all of this.

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