BALLPOINT ADVENTURES from 4/19/99: Billy Demands Answers (with an AX) from George!

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Boy, this strip is on the verge of seeming utterly insignificant, isn't it?  Though it isn't and I'll tell you why:

The core of my problem with George Lucas will always be the same--he let his power go to his head.  When he made the first two STAR WARS films, he still had his head in the right place.  However, by RETURN OF THE JEDI and the prequel trilogy, he was being selfish and greedy.  The Ewoks only exist because George wanted to make more money than he thought he would selling Wookie toys.  Likewise, in 1999, he could have done a lot to get geeks to get out of line and go home when they were waiting for tickets to the utter disappointment that was PHANTOM MENACE.  You know, like selling tickets online, like everyone was doing by then.  But noooo, he wanted the lines to create the publicity and push the hype and expectations even higher.

And how'd that go for ya, George?

Your new STAR WARS movies were so bad that when you sold your empire to Disney, the Mouse dumped you in favor of one of my fellow-nerds who grew up on the best of your work.

So sad...

If only he'd focused on telling the best story he could with the best people executing it for him, instead of how he could make the most money.  I mean, who cares, since he is still crazy rich of off selling to Disney, right?  But he could have done so much better if he just recognized the strengths he had when making the first two films.

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